Eventuri Carbon or Kevlar Scoop Set For BMW M6 M6 – 575HP

Product code: JFAEV1210

BMW F1X M6 Carbon/Kevlar Scoop Set So what’s so special about the Eventuri Intakes?   There are three main elements in explaining the answer to what sets Eventuri apart from the rest:

    1. The Patented Eventuri filter housing design
    2. The Bespoke Filters
    3. Their emphasis on creating a “Complete Solution”



The final carbon components in this system are the front scoops – essential to direct ambient air to the filters.

The scoops were designed for maximum efficiency in directing the incoming air to the stock duct openings. Many aftermarket scoops have a large flat area almost perpendicular to the oncoming air – not great for channeling it into the ducts as the airflow just “hits” this flat portion and creates turbulence.

Unlike most aftermarket “scoops” the Eventuri Scoops have been designed extend from the stock duct openings all the way to the grills. In order to capture as much air as possible, the scoops are shaped to the same contours as the outsides of the grills and then smoothly channel ambient air through a continuous curve to the duct openings. CAD images to illustrate the shape:

Having an effective cold air feed to the filters is an essential part of our design. Simply having some heat shields in place is not an effective means of avoiding heated air from entering the filters unless the shields create an air tight envelope around the filters. The scoops and shields in our system combine to provide the filter openings with ambient air and maintain low intake air temperature. To illustrate the effectiveness of this system, we put together this video showing our intake design on the F83 M4 which has the same scoop/duct design:

Whats so special about Eventuri intakes? Find out here.

Tech Specs

  • JFA Part No.
  • Eventuri Part No.

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